Our Values

In this section you will hear about the things that are important to us.  From sourcing the best ingredients we can find to staying on the path of being as Earth-friendly as possible.

We aim to challenge the norms and share our knowledge.

Ingredients:  We use the best that we can source, from grass-fed dairy products to freshly milled grains.  We believe that you can not have a truly great end product until you have the best ingredients possible from the start.  Our aim of having the least amount of processed ingredients results in a lower shelf stable item, but vastly superior in quality and taste.  In general having higher quality ingredients will ensure a healthier product as well!


Values:  Simply put, what we want to achieve at Budder Bakery is to show the public our upscale unique creations, in which we use the best ingredients we can find, whilst keeping in mind the local & global communities.  We scour local farmers markets and operations for our ingredients whilst looking for the most Earth-friendly options.