Our Story

Budder Bakery is owned and operated by Adam Barski (The Budder Chef).  It is the entity leading research & development of gourmet Cannabis edibles.  From sweet to savory and everything in between, we are constantly working on new innovations to show the public the versatility of how cannabis can be enjoyed .

Budder Bakery was established in April of 2018. although, Adam has been creating infused edibles for medicinal purposes since about 2007. 

“I used Cannabis a lot in my younger years and I was always an advocate of the plant for all its properties, not just the ones that get you ‘feeling good’.  When my best friend was hit with an unknown pathogen that left him quarantined in the hospital for quite a while, I looked to level up my ability to make edibles.  When he was finally let out he was left 40 lbs lighter and with a large hole in his lung.  He approached me about edibles helping him medicate back to health, and that’s when I really got serious about it.

As the years went on I kept elevating my skills as a professional Chef/Baker and my skills of infusing with Cannabis grew in tandem.  Suddenly Canada announced they would be legalizing the Plant and I decided to showcase my creations publicly at the 2018 420 Vancouver Protest + Farmers Market demonstration.  When I did I was bombarded with positive feedback and praise for my items.  The next day I registered Budder Bakery and I was ready to give it my all.  My star item that year was a “Strawberry Mousse topped Vanilla Cake enrobed with Chocolate Ganache, garnished with Roasted Hazelnuts and topped with 24k Gold Leaf” – I think I surprised a lot of people with that edible!

An excerpt from a conversation with Adam Barski (The Budder Chef)