Our vision is to bring exemplary quality Cannabis edible products to the market.  Our Lead Culinary Director is a Red Seal Chef backed with over 12 years of culinary experience and over 8 years of experience infusing with Cannabis.


   We choose our suppliers very carefully, picking only those that practice fully Organic, Chemical-Free and Lab Tested production practices.  As our mantra is to use the best ingredients available, we always start with the highest quality ingredients to be able to produce the highest quality end-products.  We also make sure to constantly keep up-to-date with the research being done around the Cannabis and Hemp plants, from growing practices and extraction processes to plant genetics and phytochemistry.  We believe that heightening our knowledge base will help us to provide exceptional products and services.


Our intentions when creating high quality products are to use the highest quality ingredients obtainable. Grass-Fed. Non-GMO. Organic. Local. We also source the absolute best ingredients when producing Vegan, Gluten-Free, Paleo and all other forms of goods in our kitchens.


Budder Bakery uses a combination of 2 kitchens. One as a preparation and packaging facility, the other does all the baking. Health Canada Approved & Commercial-Grade. Production operations are led by our Founder and Red Seal Certified Lead Culinary Director.


Our end goal is to be a fully legal provider of Edibles and Services within the Cannabis sector. We are constantly doing our research to stay on top of the rules and regulations. We are formulating our products and packaging to comply with what laws will be put into place.


From sourcing our ingredients all the way to packaging the end products, we have made the choice to stay as Earth Friendly as possible! We purchase our ingredients in bulk, packed only in compostable packaging, and only acquire Canadian-made eco-friendly packaging for our products.

"So you can feel good inside and out when purchasing our products!"

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Common questions relating to Cannabis & Edibles:

How much edible Cannabis should I consume?

In general, the consumption amount is subjective.  For some, as little as 1 mg THC is all they need!
It is important to find the milligrams of THC that work best for you.  The best practice when consuming edibles for the first time, or to find the right level for you, is the "low and slow" method.  Start at a low dosage of consumption at 2.5mg THC, and assess your experience 24 hours later.  Giving yourself the appropriate amount of time after consuming will give you a clear indication of whether you would like a larger dose. Only increase the dosage by 2.5mg THC at a time until you have found your sweet spot.

Uh Oh, I may have consumed too much THC! What do I do?

In the event that you may have consumed too many mgs of THC at once, there are a few options.
CBD: Always have pure CBD on hand to consume, as this compound helps to alleviate the effects of THC.
Citrus & Water: Consuming citrus-based foods may also help to alleviate the effects of THC.  Oranges, Lemons, Limes - have some fruit, drink lots of water, and put on a calming movie or TV show to focus your attention on.
Sleep it off:  Have some CBD, fruit and water and go to bed.  You may wake up groggy, but at least you would have slept through the worst of it.

"Here at Budder Bakery we formulate our recipes to include CBD as a balancing component towards the effects of the THC.  But that doesn't guarantee a perfect experience if you choose to consume too much. Know your dosage!"

What is THC?

THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol, is the psychoactive molecule of the Marijuana plant.  That is to say, this is the component that gives you the "high" experience.  Although new research is being released that the plant's Terpene compounds play a large role toward that particular "high" experience.
In its 'raw' form THC is not psychoactive.  The compound must be heated to a specific temperature to become activated.  Therefore, one could consume Cannabis raw and not feel "high", but they might want to, to receive a different wealth of benefits.  Google: juicing raw cannabis.

What is CBD?

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is thought to be the compound of the Cannabis plant that holds the more medicinal qualities.
Over the years, growers of the Cannabis plant have focused on breeding cultivars with the goal of producing the highest THC content, which has unfortunately lead to the diminishing of the CBD count in mainstream cultivars.
Now that research is confirming the medicinal benefits of CBD, breeders are bringing back cultivars with higher CBD content.
It is important to understand that the entourage effect may be an imperative concept in benefiting from the Cannabis plant.

What is this "Entourage Effect" you are talking about?

The entourage effect is the basic concept that every compound within the Cannabis plant (or any medicinal plant, that is) work in synergy with one another to bring the benefits to our bodies. In terms of the Cannabis plant, this does not only include THC and CBD, but it is being discovered that the plant's Terpenes also play a big role in the Cannabis experience.

Full legalization of Cannabis will allow us to discover answers to how the various other compounds, as there at least 113 of them identified, work in synergy to provide the Cannabis experience.

What are Terpenes?

In short, terpenes are the complex smells that come off the plant from its essential oils.  Terpenes are present in many plants, not only Cannabis, and even in some insects.  It is concluded that these complex bouquets are used as the plant's defense mechanism to either deter herbivores, or attract predators and parasites of these herbivores, and to also attract potential pollinators. 

A great resource, as the information can be quite extensive (certainly too much put within this FAQ) is from  Leafly. [click to be redirected]

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